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April 1st, 2011: Vialka / Le Club des Chats / LeDeathToMankind


Maybe it was just meant to be duo night. There was actually another set, but Raimon Rivage’s amps gave up the ghost after a minute of so, so it doesn’t really count.

I had never head LeDeathToMankind, even though I had seen both of them several times at gigs. I liked the wide range of elements they throw into their music. From metal to pop, with sometimes a high pitched female voice and sometimes not. I didn’t like the whole set, but in their case I’d say it’s a good thing. I think I’ll go see them again.

I didn’t expect any surprise from Le Club des Chats, especially not having seen them two weeks ago. But I like them enough to indulge again. And I was struck by one of the songs; maybe that’s the recorder but it sounded so like Death Sentence Panda! it could have been a cover. I had never thought of that, but the connection makes a lot of sense, and that gave me a nice excuse to go back to the right kind of DSP!

I think I kinda soured on Vialka since I first heard them. They’re still a very good live act much worth seeing, and I still like the drummer a lot. But now I think their music is too elaborate for me. I liked the changes, but I felt there were just too many guitar notes in there. So I guess I kinda checked out halfway through the set. Even then, the first half was good enough to entice me to check them out again if I get the chance. Maybe I was just too tired, or the setting was off.

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June 19th, 2009: T.I.T.S. / Le club des chats / Chantal


Sometimes I get a little tired of seeing the same people over and over again, but as this season winds down before the great summer drought, I was really pleased to see people playing that I don’t know personally but keep running into. And it had actually been a while since I last heard them play.

Chantal was a case in point. I can remember growing tired of Oso El Roto‘s antics, but now I don’t exactly remember why. Sure it’s goofy and over the top, but fun and good natured as well. And it’s not just stupid either. Having two others playing — three for the final song — probably helped, but the diversity of spoofed styles was a treat. Now I look forward to checking out one of his many projects in the fall.

Le club des chats is a different story. They are often around and play quite often nearby, so I was a bit shocked to realize I had not heard them in almost two years. There was always something else going on, and I kept thinking I’d easily get another opportunity. That’s bad judgment on my part, because they’re pretty good, not the least because they have a unique sound, with both often on drums, yet keeping their sound through instrument changes. Fast paced and light short songs with are actually far more diverse than I remembered. I was probably in a good mood, but there’s more than that to this reevaluation. I don’t plan to wait two years before hearing them again.

T.I.T.S. were headlining, but their coming in late cut both their setting up and their set a little short. Not that it spoiled anything by any means. I really like what I heard from Kim West in Death Sentence: Panda!, and I’m partial to female bands, so I was fully expecting to like this. It was better than that, they played loud with definite power, yet whenever all four over were singing at the same time, those parts were beautifully harmonized, but without making the whole any less powerful. I especially loved Void, but the whole of the set was great. Probably more mainstream than DS:P!, but I’m definitely not complaining. Their latest record is definitely worth checking out, but T.I.T.S. is such a great live band it would be a shame not experiencing the thing first hand.

Cool music from cool people throughout, I had a great evening. And I even finally catch up with my posting backlog after running very late for more than a month.

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September 14th, 2007: Api uiz / Le club des chats / Oso el roto / Projet Piscine


It had been a long time I hadn’t been to a gig set up by Kliton, I think that would date back to January or so. I like what they do, but I often had other plans. I’m also selling a bridge or two.

Projet Piscine was unknown to me, but I was pleasantly surprised. Keyboards/voice and bass duo, the surprise came from their sound. It felt very eightiesish to me, but I actually liked it, even though I’m not usually fond of such old stuff. The lack of drums didn’t bother me at all, which is another unusual reaction. I’d like to check them out again in a few months, see if that’s just a weird mood of mine or just their being good. For now I’ll settle on the latter.

The next act was no surprise, as I’ve seen Oso el Roto many times. More of his trademark nonsense lyrics and voice games. It can be fun, but I was not receptive tonight.

I had heard about le club des chats, but never seen them before. Light-hearted and fun, at least at first. It did grow old for me about halfway through though. I don’t know, but I would have like them to stray from that routine somehow; on the other hand, there would have been no point for them to do that.

Last, but definitely not least, Api Uiz took the stage. Like by storm. They play loud and fast, a guitar/bass/drums trio without vocals. Not that a singer would have been heard anyway. That felt good. Some good old noise/punk music with an unstable balance. After all that jazz lately, I guess I needed this. I should aim for some balance myself in the coming months.

I was pleased to see the room filling up after a sparse beginning. I hope this event was successful enough for them to plan more gigs in the near future. They are good people and deserve some support.

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