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October 30th, 2007: Jackie-O Motherfucker / Defektro

@instants chavirés

These two bands may not have much in common, except what counts: they’re both good.

Defektro is quite simply one of the very best noise bands I ever saw, if not the best. Industrial sounding pulsing giving way to harsh rushes then back again; the overall feel changing without any drop in the sheer beauty it all. The richness of their sound was really amazing. I often need some time to get used to this kind of music, but not this time. There was so much going on, on many levels. I wasn’t that loud, but the wide range of frequencies kept both my bones and ears busy. I love getting that kind of physical experience, being able to listen as well was gravy. The interplay between both was what made this a favorite. I had heard high praise about them before the show, and it actually turned out to be understated.

I had never seen Jackie-O Motherfucker either, but I was familiar with their music. I didn’t understand why some people lumped them with Sunburned, so the closeness of both gigs made me think I’d get a clue. Well, I still don’t get it, Sunburned is much more primal, whereas Jackie-O sounds more sophisticated. What I did get though was their set. Long pieces with a major flair for building up to sweeping psychedelic liftoffs. If anything, they might be a little too proficient, but that’s just me being spoiled after so much good live music in the last couple of months.

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