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June 19th, 2010: Elsie Else festival

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Too bad not many people showed up, I guess that’s another of the problems with having so much going on in June. That and maybe the lack of a big name to draw people. But the whole point for me is to hear many sets covering a wide range of music, without any clear pecking order. The Elsie Else festival is great for that, and this third edition was just as good as the previous ones. But I still think I would have been more receptive had it taken place in a less busy month.

Alexandre Navarro quickly ran into technical problems and had to switch to another amp, which was probably tough for him as his set seemed to be all about nuances within a consistent sound. As it was I felt it was just too much of the same, except at the very end when he crouched to play the pedals only. That part was nice, but I still liked better his performance in the first edition. Industrial Mechanics are a rock band, which was unexpected here, which is a good thing. A bit too mundane for me, though the more metal parts were pretty nice if a little short. Toba again used beautiful sounds, but there were times — especially at first — when these sounds were a little too much on their own. I think her music is great when she has other elements going in and out to provide a moving backdrop. She did that too, but less that in other sets, so that I loved half of her set, and felt the rest came a little short. That’s the problem with her previous performances raising my expectations to an unrealistic level. I should hear her play more than once a year, that should fix that.

Maybe I was distracted by the next guy setting up next to him, but I didn’t really got into Jackie Chan Orchestra‘s set. A bit too regular laptop noise, at least in that setting. Not bad, but not enough to keep me focused. But he deserves major props for segueing into the next set, I like that attitude a lot. Even though I didn’t like Die Wurst-Brüke Sound System Povera. Too much bells and whistles visually, it got distracting and rubbed me the wrong way. And when I stopped looking I also stopped focusing and pretty much ignored it. Maybe in a less busy time I would have paid more attention. Or another place better suited to his act. Un Escargot Vide? was great. I usually hate hearing kids voices, but this time I didn’t even find it grating, it found its place in the music and was such a part of it that even I wouldn’t want to take it out. It may be a little too pretty at times, but I’m really starting to enjoy this music. So of course he’ll be going to Asia for a while and I won’t get to hear him again for a long time.

Back to noise with ZRL and Tokage. One had a laptop and the other a sprawling array of pedals, boards and electronics. I liked this a lot, there were rhythmic subtexts as well as a very nice physical element, both in the overall sound and in some details, some vibrations that were as much felt as heard. Really nice. Sonic Surgeon started with a couple of mics and played with feedback, which was very nice. Then he went into a very eightiesish part of the set, and the beatbox got on my nerves, spoiling it for me. I don’t care much for the lyrics either, but those were easy enough to ignore. The hope-loop as horn was really nice, so that overall there was more stuff I liked than not. I guess I could hear the cosmic part in Cosmic Super Niao Niao‘s music, some sounds were something like prog meets old school special effects. That sounded weird in a bad way at first, but it made sense and the music put forth a consistent universe. Not exactly my kind of thing, but well done and nice enough to keep me interested to the end of the set.

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