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May 3rd, 2011: eRikm – Dieb13 / Yann Leguay

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Yann Leguay‘s could have turned out too smart for its own good: hard drives with turntable arms around them. But it was no issue, the sound stood its ground fine, despite a laptop crash a few minutes into the show that led to a restart. He would raise the arms and let the cartridge hit the drives, then the cracks would generate crackling loops. It all added up and slowly built a nice soundscape, where the source didn’t matter much. The setup could possibly provide some additional interest, but the performance worked on its own, as it should. The rest is just gravy, and I didn’t really think about it.

I was surprised at the sparse attendance, eRikm usually draws more people. His set with Dieb13 took a while getting started in my opinion. At first it was a bit too nice and sophisticated for me, and it looked like they were treading too lightly. It did take off when they added some tension by going their separate ways. I think that’s probably more eRikm’s doing, I’ve heard him play too nice before. He can be very good at this collaborative stuff, but I think he should be more assertive early on. These sets usually end well, but the ramp-up can get tedious

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February 12th, 2008: Dieb 13 / Michaël Vorfeld

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OK, but not great. Still beat staying home or working late, but I really felt some overload there. Time to take a break.

Michaël Vorfeld used a setup involving many light bulbs of different colors, pulsating or varying in intensity. The sounds and visuals were clearly related, though I don’t know which drove the other. Apart from a few sequences of deep pulses, the music was made of buzzing and crackling noises, with some ticking or clicking and the occasional loud pop. Interesting at times, but I lost interest about halfway through. The lights were painful at times and maybe more of a distraction in the long run. Worth seeing though.

Dieb 13 was far more mainstream, using turntables for a set devoid of visual elements. I found it quite frustrating, because I felt close to liking it a lot but never actually got there. Something missing for me, I don’t know what exactly. Some interesting sound textures and layering, maybe not enough of the latter. Part of it may be that it sounded a bit too mechanical/industrial at times. I usually dig that, but I seem to have had enough right now. So burnout seems to have been a factor in my not getting it.

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