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June 15th, 2010: Keiji Haino – Eric Cordier

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Keiji Haino again. Well I like his music a lot, and he does so many things I think he could play several days in a row without repeating himself all that much. And he was joined by Eric Cordier playing hurdy gurdy, and that sounded very interesting. And it was, at least when I could hear what he was doing, because most of the time Keiji Haino was so loud that he was too often reduced to a drone.

So I quickly took the set as almost a solo act, but it was a great one. Well over two hours long, it featured many facets of his music, mainly on the loud side. He played guitar most of the time, but he also used electronics and used his voice in many ways and ranges — unlike the previous show where he stuck to higher notes. He even concluded the set with what I think were covers, though he makes these songs to totally his that there’s just a few words or a chord progression that somehow ring a bell, and calling these covers is highly misleading.

As a solo set, it would have been great, but I think Eric Cordier made it even better, despite his being almost drowned out too often, because what I did hear made brought depth to the music. And the beginning of the set saw them create beautiful sound landscapes that would have been well worth hearing had the show stayed there. It didn’t, and I don’t regret that embarrassment of riches at all. Hopefully I’ll get another opportunity to actually hear more of that hurdy gurdy sometime.

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