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February 5th, 2011: Zeritu / Jazzmaris

@cité de la musique

For the most part, I liked Jazzmaris. A lot in their music comes from the standards from decades ago, but the bass and drums give it a more recent sound, and the guitar adds elements from other genres. They certainly know where the music comes from, but they seem to want to let it go places as well. That’s fine with me: even though I didn’t like everything, it means this fine music still lives as the legends get older. I did have a slight problem with the sax though. To me it felt a little too neat, and I thought he stuck to a grid far too much, but maybe that’s just unfair because he played a song I saw Getatchew Mekuria play several times, and I’m just stuck on his interpretation, which just felt more free. That’s not a fair comparison, and anyway it was an enjoyable set on its own terms.

They were all part of Zeritu’s backing band, and again the guitar stood out for me, though I wasn’t fond of the songs where he was in the forefront. Then again, I wasn’t fond of much of the music, it was just too smooth and quite mainstream for me. Zeritu has a beautiful voice and a lot of charisma, but that wasn’t enough and I ended up feeling pretty bored. Just not my kind of thing, that’s all I’m saying.


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