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February 22nd, 2010: Deflag Haemorraghe/Haien Kontra / Howard Stelzer

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Maybe they didn’t expect many people to show up, anyway Mattin and Tim Goldie took up most of the space. I’m usually not a fan of Mattin’s performances, but this one was really good, albeit a little long. I didn’t care much for the theatrics, but it was loud and they used that and silence to great effect. Those loud outbursts of noise would give way to a silence that still remembered the latest blast and there was a very nice tension when expecting the next one. It was the first time Mattin lived up to his considerable reputation in my experience. His screaming “I’m so free” and randomly covering people’s eyes and ears didn’t make sense, but they felt right in context.

I just wish they had been faster about it, because I liked Howard Stelzer‘s set a lot, and I felt a little cheated by how short it was. He uses tape as a material and I’m all for that, and he built up a mechanical drone I’d have liked to hear longer. It reminded me of my favorite installments of Dan Bodah’s dronecast series, only better because it was live and more dynamic, with the drone changing along the short set. There’s something very physical about tape that I love and he seemed to use that very quality in his music. The set was way too short in my opinion, though I could listen to this kind of music for hours, so I’m biased.


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