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September 11th, 2010: France Sauvage / Oso El Roto / Fusiller / Ero Babaa


A surprisingly quiet set from Ero Babaa. The good side is that it was a little bit more interesting than usual on the musical side, but the drawback was that it was more like two threads side by side. Then again, maybe that was just me not being used to that.

Fusiller’s set was pretty cool. Not really alien to what he does as part of Opera Mort, but I got the feeling it didn’t go as far as it could/should have. I’d like to hear him play with TG for some reason.

As usual with Oso El Roto, I suspect whether I like the set or not is really mostly about my own mindset. I guess I was in the right mood. His starting outside on voice only was nice. Some of his songs are familiar to me by now, and I don’t like that much. I guess I shouldn’t see him too often then.

At first I didn’t like France Sauvage, but by now I think I get it. I remember them being more elaborate somehow, but I like their intensity. Maybe it was always there and nothing changed but my perception. No matter why, I like them a lot now.


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June 19th, 2009: T.I.T.S. / Le club des chats / Chantal


Sometimes I get a little tired of seeing the same people over and over again, but as this season winds down before the great summer drought, I was really pleased to see people playing that I don’t know personally but keep running into. And it had actually been a while since I last heard them play.

Chantal was a case in point. I can remember growing tired of Oso El Roto‘s antics, but now I don’t exactly remember why. Sure it’s goofy and over the top, but fun and good natured as well. And it’s not just stupid either. Having two others playing — three for the final song — probably helped, but the diversity of spoofed styles was a treat. Now I look forward to checking out one of his many projects in the fall.

Le club des chats is a different story. They are often around and play quite often nearby, so I was a bit shocked to realize I had not heard them in almost two years. There was always something else going on, and I kept thinking I’d easily get another opportunity. That’s bad judgment on my part, because they’re pretty good, not the least because they have a unique sound, with both often on drums, yet keeping their sound through instrument changes. Fast paced and light short songs with are actually far more diverse than I remembered. I was probably in a good mood, but there’s more than that to this reevaluation. I don’t plan to wait two years before hearing them again.

T.I.T.S. were headlining, but their coming in late cut both their setting up and their set a little short. Not that it spoiled anything by any means. I really like what I heard from Kim West in Death Sentence: Panda!, and I’m partial to female bands, so I was fully expecting to like this. It was better than that, they played loud with definite power, yet whenever all four over were singing at the same time, those parts were beautifully harmonized, but without making the whole any less powerful. I especially loved Void, but the whole of the set was great. Probably more mainstream than DS:P!, but I’m definitely not complaining. Their latest record is definitely worth checking out, but T.I.T.S. is such a great live band it would be a shame not experiencing the thing first hand.

Cool music from cool people throughout, I had a great evening. And I even finally catch up with my posting backlog after running very late for more than a month.

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February 1st, 2008: Dure Mere / Gumo / Rock Monsieur

@buveur de lune

I was pleasantly surprise by the decent attendance. As much as I dislike crowds, it’s nice for those who perform and those and make these events happen.

The opening performance was just that; with Oso fronting, that’s not much of a surprise. And it was a good one at that, with pushing over of mike stand, rolling on the floor and much mayhem. Very short, but that was just the way these things should be in my opinion, no time to catch your breath or think about what’s going on; thinking would have been completely out of tune there.

At first I hated Gumo, but they won me over along the way. I think the vocals were what turned me off, but they went instrumental soon and I found out that I quite liked their thing. Cello and drums, an unusual combination, unfortunately reminding me of HangedUp. That’s unfortunate because I loved that band and the comparison is made all the more unfair by the rosy lenses of nostalgia. I could not escape that when cello loops were layered, and that’s bad because it had a completely different feel and these memories just got in the way. Gumo is much more primal, with little electronic processing.

The final band was the one I liked best, Dure Mere. Even though the guitar player was missing a string, that drums/guitar/bandoneon combo made my day. Yep, bandoneon. I heard some of them are from Argentina, which probably explains that. No tourist-trap tango there, just good, fast music with that extra added flavor. Funny how I’m not that fond of accordion yet love that instrument. Hopefully I will get to hear them again with a complete set of strings; but that problem didn’t get in the way at all.

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January 19th, 2008: Eyes Like Saucers / Oso El Roto


I guess wisdom would have had me staying at home and catching up on shuteye, but I’ve had enough of wisdom. Plus I like the place and its cramped basement. Nice touch in that Steve Reich’s Drumming was being played before and between the sets.

The first set was Oso El Roto with the drummer from Club des chats. I still fail to get it. The fact that the set list was real close to what he did last time I saw him didn’t help at all. Entertaining at first, but a second serving was too much for me.

Eyes Like Saucers was more to my liking. He played a harmonium rigged with pedals so that he can use both hands to play. I’m not fond of that instrument, but enjoyed the set nonetheless. I guess I was in the right mood for such dronish stuff. I wouldn’t have minded his skipping the singing parts though; but that didn’t spoil anything either. Nice if short set, I think it could have been twice as long before I got bored.

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September 14th, 2007: Api uiz / Le club des chats / Oso el roto / Projet Piscine


It had been a long time I hadn’t been to a gig set up by Kliton, I think that would date back to January or so. I like what they do, but I often had other plans. I’m also selling a bridge or two.

Projet Piscine was unknown to me, but I was pleasantly surprised. Keyboards/voice and bass duo, the surprise came from their sound. It felt very eightiesish to me, but I actually liked it, even though I’m not usually fond of such old stuff. The lack of drums didn’t bother me at all, which is another unusual reaction. I’d like to check them out again in a few months, see if that’s just a weird mood of mine or just their being good. For now I’ll settle on the latter.

The next act was no surprise, as I’ve seen Oso el Roto many times. More of his trademark nonsense lyrics and voice games. It can be fun, but I was not receptive tonight.

I had heard about le club des chats, but never seen them before. Light-hearted and fun, at least at first. It did grow old for me about halfway through though. I don’t know, but I would have like them to stray from that routine somehow; on the other hand, there would have been no point for them to do that.

Last, but definitely not least, Api Uiz took the stage. Like by storm. They play loud and fast, a guitar/bass/drums trio without vocals. Not that a singer would have been heard anyway. That felt good. Some good old noise/punk music with an unstable balance. After all that jazz lately, I guess I needed this. I should aim for some balance myself in the coming months.

I was pleased to see the room filling up after a sparse beginning. I hope this event was successful enough for them to plan more gigs in the near future. They are good people and deserve some support.

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