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October 24th: Papajo

@instants chavirés

And now for something completely different, I turned down the volume and went for some quieter stuff. I turned out different, as “quiet” is definitely not what comes to mind now. That would give the wrong impression, as it was more like a burst of creativity.

Papajo is a trio featuring Paul Lovens on drums, Paul Hubweber on trombone and John Edwards on double bass. Trombone has been growing on me lately, but I didn’t pay that much attention tonight as I felt it was overshadowed. This drummer is just excellent.

As a whole it felt far more adventurous than what I’m used to in that kind of music, and I felt part of it was that they didn’t feel they had to make a point of straying far afield. They dared to play their instrument in the regular way — at times — and that was a relief; I mean, why do so many improvisers avoid that? There were moments where it sounded close to jazz. There were moments where it sounded like nothing I had heard before, but the constant is that it usually sounded great.

Paul Lovens is an utterly amazing drummer. He had such a complete mastery of his stuff that even when he was letting his partners take center stage, he kept finding a way to add little touches that made all the difference. On his own, he could just as well use a bunch of different elements or stick with one for a while yet make its sound evolve constantly. All with such apparent ease that I’m left convinced I only witnessed a limited sample of what he can do. And not once did I feel like he was showing off. I’m really impressed.

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