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May 30th, 2008: Trio Sowari / Cor Fulher

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Not exactly a disappointment, because I never expected this to be as good as the previous day. Actually better than I expected, maybe because I had had less than stellar feedback about the opening set.

Cor Fuhler turned out to be better than advertised. Interesting sounds with these ebows and rotating thingies placed inside a piano. Definitely some great moments with mesmerizing sounds, sometimes reminiscent of Indian music drones, something something altogether new. It was often more interesting than mere novelty, but over the long haul I’m not sure it held up all that much. Maybe too much relying on the visual aspect of it all. I think I would have liked a bigger splash, as in going further in the superposing of drones; as it were there was a frustrating cleanness to it all. Some really interesting moments is still better than none though.

I was far more critical of Sowari. Phil Durrant did some interesting — as in unexpected — things with his laptop, but Bertrand Denzler and Burkhard Beins seemed way too predictable. I saw them a couple of years ago and it just too close to that earlier performance. Especially Beins, whose props might have sounded fresh then but were so expected now. Denzler’s play rubbed me the wrong way because it was exactly what I came to expect in this setting. No surprise, no fun for me. And this performance was so predictable I felt it did little justice to what improvised music can be.

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