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April 18th, 2008: DJ/Rupture / Filastine / Playdoe / Sonido Martines / Khiasma

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This time I did a better job of handling the sequence: I didn’t have to leave the first gig early, and I was far more alert up to the end of the party. It probably helped that the night was packed with good music.

Khiasma from Montreal was first to man the turntables, and he did a great job; there were not that many people there, and those who came later missed something good. He didn’t use any impressive tricks or scratch or anything, but I can’t say he was just spinning records. That would be missing the point just as much as those who claim an iPod on shuffle is just as good as a radio DJ. It’s all about the sequence, the transitions and the selection, and he gets high marks from me on all counts. The records were good and unfamiliar — no Daft Punk crowd pleaser tonight — and quite diverse. Some Maghrebi stuff in there, and I’m a real sucker for those. The guy also has a radio show and a blog that looks really interesting, even though I didn’t have enough time to do more than take a look.

The second DJ was Sonido Martines. Some cumbia, of course, and real good at that, but what really made my night was that his mix was exactly what I was trying to explain — with not much success — to friends about what’s really interesting me in that kind of music. It’s not really the traditional stuff on its own. I do like it, but I think such a gig would be a bit disappointing. What I like is to have that stuff next to more modern things, and hopefully something that mixes both and more into a living and evolving music, not just a style preserved in the past. And that DJ provided just that. I don’t know what he played, but I’d sure like to get a mix tape — or CD these days — of this guy’s work. That’s what a good DJ means to me: taking good records and making the whole lot better by going through a sequence that brings a new dimension. But really, I think nothing beats being there, so I can only hope he’ll be back — not holding my breath though, plus I’m unlikely to hear about it if he does.

Then Playdoe brought a complete change with a mix of hip hop and electronic mayhem. I’m not that fond of DJs that don’t use actual records, but DJ Fuck is pretty good at this, so it was OK. It didn’t hurt that the MC had a lot of charisma and a sense of humor. I was not that fond of the music, but the attitude was great, I mean I’m so tired of the cheesy badass hip hop thing, it used to be about partying too — though not blind escapism, don’t get me wrong — not about who’s got the most shiny baubles.

It seems my dis about not using records was just ordering some crow snack, because then Filastine proceeding to prove how full of shit I am. That set blew my mind, and I can’t say it was just because he used some actual percussions as well, because the whole thing was great. He was joined briefly by a MC who rapped in Arabic (I think), but unfortunately I didn’t catch his name. That was excellent, and that set had so many highlights in so many different ways I don’t know what was better. The beating on actual instruments maybe, it so took the whole thing to another level, visually too with these being in an actual shopping cart — that was a great touch. I bought his record, and it’s actually even better, so I do hope someone gets a clue and releases his follow up effort soon, and that someone gets an even bigger clue and does get him back around here to promote it — as in gives me a chance to see that guy live again.

Then came DJ/Rupture, with a seamless transition thanks to his coming on stage while Filastine was wrapping up. I was curious about hearing him live, being a huge fan of his radio show and to a lesser extent his blog. That felt real good indeed. Pretty much what I expected, it was all over the map in a good way, using diverse stuff — probably even more diverse than his show — with the additional dimension of mixing. Of course it’s completely different from his show, but there’s some consistency, and he even used some stuff that was familiar from his bed music. I’m real glad I got to see him live, and I think his show helped me appreciate the set intellectually while my body was busy shedding whatever energy I had left by that time — the glass shard strewn floor did put a damper to that after a while though. Adding this experience to the blog and show only made me a bigger fan of his, and I haven’t even heard him with Andy Moor yet. I hope I can fix that eventually, he told me a record is in the works and should be out in four months or so, with some touring as well. I’m so looking forward to that.

Khiasma was back on the turntables to wrap things up, probably more diverse than his opening set, but that was a proper sendoff.  By the time he stopped, I had had a great night and morning was there, with its subway and trains to get me home without the usual hassle. I’m getting used to this, so I think I’ll do it again, knowing full well it will probably not be as good as this one was.

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