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May 24th, 2008: Sister Iodine / Super SS

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Super SS had quite a setup, with a half dozen screens and a VJ. I didn’t care much for these though, pretty colors and all, I just wasn’t interested, and kinda repelled by the additional performer. So I just ignored that and focused on the music. Loud, repetitive drumming that just stuck to a pattern for a long time, not interesting by itself, but the repetition finally made it worthwhile, in that despite its loudness it kinda faded in the background, letting the electronics of Andy Bolus emerge. I wish I could have picked these earlier, but the drums were just too distracting. Anyway once I could focus on these, it much improved my experience. Not as good as some of his solo or collaborative efforts, but the combination of both elements improved it. So it was good enough, though not great it was not a disappointment.

Sister Iodine was a very pleasant surprise. I had seen them once and wasn’t impressed, an impression much worsened by the constant praise I’ve been hearing for years. I was feeling like I missed them when they were at the top of their game. That might still be true, but at least I now have an idea of what the fuss was all about. That set hooked me quickly, with a song featuring a lot of stop and go, where the mayhem would fade and pause before starting full speed again. A lot of feedback of course, with an interesting drummer in his ability to withdraw and come back seamlessly. Amazingly cohesive unit, where the individual contributions merge perfectly into a better whole, one where the separate parts become totally irrelevant. Some of their stuff reminded me of early Sonic Youth, but rougher. I really liked that set, and it might be the first time I didn’t feel any irritation at Lionel Fernandez’ playing or specific awe at Erik Minkkinen’s, so well did the the parts mesh. It was over all too soon, which probably means just at the right time, what with my usually short attention span.

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