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April 19th, 2008: Zu / Cheer-Accident

@instants chavirés

Contrasting sets tonight. Cheer-Accident came first, and I unexpectedly like their set a lot. I was surprised because their music is supposed to be too pop for me, and their prog references should have me fleeing in horror; maybe they went easy on that, or maybe they caught me on a rare day when I’m receptive to this. Truth is I was eager for a change from my usual fare, and even though they were not breaking new ground, there was enough interesting small things to keep me interested. Especially the drumming, not really blatant but a bunch of small surprises and variations; I guess that’s why I didn’t much like the few times he went with the piano instead. Pretty cohesive unit in a loose and complementary way.

Zu should have been more my kind of stuff, but I again failed to get it. I don’t know why I don’t really like them. It had never seen them live, but the effect was pretty much the same as their records: all three of them are really good musicians — the drummer may be most impressive, but not by much — they have all the right connections and references, but it’s indeed closed to me. Intellectually, I appreciate their stuff, but that’s it, I have no deeper reaction at all, and I was getting bored by the end of their set. I’m puzzled.

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